Soba’s Corner

A Chinese-Canadian Cooking Show

2020 – Ongoing

Video, English (Canada) Subtitles/Closed Captions (C), Recipe (Transcript), Performance

Length: 3 + Hours

Thank Yous & Acknowledgments for Soba’s Corner: 🔥🥟The Montréal Peanut Butter Dumpling Adventure🔥🥟

This piece was made in Tiohtiá:ke | Mooniyang | Montréal.
Thank you to all who have come before me who have and still are caring for these lands.
Thank you to all who came here (un)willingly, who created these dishes, which have and continue to nourish me.
Thank you to Gabor Bata, who without their energy, time and stories, the Subtitles/Closed Captions and Transcript for this episode would not exist.
Thank you to Brandon Dalmer, who without their pre- and post- production assistance and generosity, this episode would not exist.